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We plan to keep most of the structure intact and to provide the existing building with only modern amenities. We have imported antique furniture from a group of buildings that are on the up, and we have placed a giant lamp, once one of Wilmington's oldest customs houses, at the entrance of our shop.

In 1974, several buildings in the city centre were razed to the ground and others were to be destroyed, including the old town hall on what was then Nutt Street. In an effort to recreate Wilmington and make room for new ones, the Wilmington Redevelopment Commission began demolishing buildings. At the time, demolition was cheaper than redevelopment, which cost about $21 per square foot. We wanted to create a historic experience market where pedestrians can walk and enjoy modern shopping. Reaves and Murray uncovered walls made of old ship ballast, as well as the original brick walls of the customs house.

In 1893 the function of the pension as a shop was abandoned, although the salon was still in operation. The building was bought in 1900 by Cooper's wholesale stores, which used the space to clean and peanut peanuts.

When the Atlantic Coastline Railroad decided to move its headquarters to Florida in 1961, many industry representatives left the country, and by the 1970s, the building, like many other buildings, had deteriorated considerably.

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More About Wilmington