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A 2 km stretch of the Christina River attracts families, couples and locals to have fun day and night. This excursion in Wilmington, Delaware, offers everything from a Smoky Mountaincabin to a beachfront resort overlooking the Vernon and Delaware River.

This is where Brandywine Park is located, where the annual Brandswine Festival of the Arts has been held for 50 years. Birds and wildlife can be observed here in the morning and evening hours and at weekends.

Season tickets cost $23 and include entrance to Brandywine Park and the annual Brandswine Festival of the Arts. The $20 admission fee covers the entire festival from the first day to the last and the entire last day.

Notable aspects of the renovation and renaming efforts include a brand new restaurant with live seasonal music as a seasonal dining experience and a rooftop terrace overlooking the Cape Fear River. The chef at the Board & Barrel - a driven menu offering guests inspired cuisine with dishes with a southern flavor that includes ingredients from local suppliers - while his beverage program offers barrel and aged cocktails. In addition, the lobby of the Ballast Hotel offers a gourmet service - the go café service house - light local food. Guests' amenities include an in-room menu, Wi-Fi and more.

The Board & Barrel and the Ballast Hotel, a brand new restaurant with live seasonal music and a rooftop terrace overlooking the Cape Fear River, are part of the renovation.

Watermelon joke is perfect on a steaming summer day, and there are plenty of options for a summer brunch at the Board & Barrel or Ballast Hotel.

Garden lovers can spend a weekend in Wilmington around the DuPont family's properties in Nemours and Winterthur. HOTEL DU PONT is a wonderful place to stay, if you are concentrating on the gardens and the estate of the du Pont family. You will enjoy a walk through the beautiful gardens of the Du Pont family property, and you will have a bridge that leads to the bridge over the Delaware River where you can learn about the wetlands habitats and enjoy the views.

Then visit the museum, visit the property and at least walk through some of the grounds and gardens. After the museum, the tram will take you to the visitor centre, where you will be introduced to the property and gardens. And then take the tram from the visitor centre. If time permits, you can view the vintage cars in the chauffeur-driven garage and take part in the cellar tour to view the equipment room.

Here are some of our favorite things to do during your stay in Wilmington, Delaware, and where to stay and eat during your trip. Have 48 hours if you are only in Delaware, follow Fun with us as we visit more places and do things in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area. Learn more about the fun things we did in and around Delaware, and here's where we stayed and what we ate during our trip!

Start with a visit to the Historical Society of the New Castle to get a map and tips on what to see, and then stroll through the historic buildings in the historic district of the city to visit the Old Town.

The waterfront of New Castle Battery Park is a nice place to relax and walk on the water, and nature lovers should head to the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. The hotel's rooftop terrace offers a magnificent view of the river when you visit in July 2018.

The Green Room serves a wide selection of local beers from local breweries as well as local craft beer. The brewery offers a wide selection of craft beers that you can buy at the hotel, so if you want a larger selection, come and visit us at night.

Imagine breathtaking mountain views from your bed and breakfast overlooking the Appalachians and Blue Ridge Mountains. Here you will find a wide selection of restaurants and bars as well as a wide selection of local craft beers.

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast while jetting into the Blue Ridge Mountains to stay at one of Virginia's best hotels.

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, you can stay in one of the state's best hotels, with a variety of restaurants, bars and eateries.

Hotel DU PONT is also a member of the Preferred Hotels collection and part of a collection dedicated to preserving historical authenticity. Launched in 2017, Tapestry Collection by Hilton (Hilton.com) is an original, upscale hotel aimed at guests looking for reliability and value in their stay, supported by the award-winning Hilton Honors Program. HOTHLEDU - YOU - PONT is a member of Hilton's Preferred Hotel Collection, a collection dedicated to preserving historical authenticity. The company's portfolio currently includes twelve hotel properties with 3,156 rooms. Most of its properties are operated under the Hilton Group, Inc. ("Hilton"), the world's largest hotel chain.

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More About Wilmington